Changing a Dial-Up Connection

After you create a dial-up connection, you can change the settings to specify how the computer creates a dial-up connection to another computer. You can change the phone number, add dialing rules, and modify redial and hang up settings. You need to log on as an administrator to change some settings for a dial-up connection. When a computer is set up to share a dial-up connection to the Internet, these settings control the connection for the network users.

Change a Dial-Up Connection


On the host computer, click the Start button, and then click My Network Places.


Click View Network Connections.


Right-click the Dial-Up connection icon, and then click Properties.


Click the General tab.


To change the number, double-click the text box, and then type a new number.


To use dialing rules, select the Use Dialog Rules check box, and then specify the area and country codes.


Click the Options tab.


Select the check boxes for the dialog options you want, and clear the others.


Set the idle time you want before the dial-up connection hangs up, and any redial options.


Click OK.



See Also

See " Connecting to a Network Using a Modem " on page 314 for information on creating a dial-up connection.

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