Having More Fun with Movie Maker

Microsoft Windows XP provides additional Power Toys in Creativity Fun Packs you can download from the Web. The Creativity Fun pack for Movie Maker 2 includes sound effects, music tracks and transitions, and video titles and end credits that make it fun to create movies. Before you can use the Movie Maker fun pack, you need to download it from the Web and install it. The fun pack movie files are stored in your My Videos folder.

Download and Install the Fun Pack

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click the Help menu, and then click Windows Movie Maker On The Web.

The Movie Maker Web site opens in your web browser.


Locate and click the link to the Movie Maker 2 Creativity Fun Pack.

TROUBLE ? Web pages change, so you may need to use Search to find the link.


Download the file, save it to your hard disk, and then double-click it to install it.


Follow the wizard instructions to complete the installation.



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