Starting Movie Maker

Before you start Movie Maker, use Display Properties in the Control Panel to make sure the screen resolution is set correctly. Movie Maker is a Windows accessory program that you can start from the Start menu. You can achieve the best results in Movie Maker when the screen resolution is set to 1024 by 768 or higher. When you start Movie Maker, a new untitled movie project is displayed. You can either create a new movie project or open an existing one.

Start Movie Maker


Click the Start button.


Point to All Programs.


Click Windows Movie Maker.


Did You Know?

You can check online for the latest version of Movie Maker . Click the Start button, point to All Programs, click Windows Update, connect to the Internet, scan for updates, check for a new version of Movie Maker, and then download it.

See Also

See " Changing the Display " on page 88 for information on changing the screen resolution.

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