Using Another Web Browser

Windows XP comes with Internet Explorer as the default web browser. If you prefer to use another browser, you can remove Internet Explorer from your computer using the Add/Remove Programs utility in the Control Panel, install another browser, and set it as your default Internet program on the left column of the Start menu.

Use Another Web Browser


If you want, remove Internet Explorer using the Add/Remove Programs utility in the Control Panel.


Install another browser according to the manufacturer instructions.


Right-click the Start button, and then click Properties.


Click Customize.


Click the Internet list arrow, and then select your browser.


Click OK, and then click OK again.


See Also

See " Adding or Removing Windows Components " on page 373 for information on adding or removing Windows components.

Did You Know?

You can use the same procedure to use another e-mail program . Windows XP also comes with Outlook Express as the default e-mail program. You can use the same basic procedure to use another e-mail program.

For Your Information

Reset Internet Explorer Settings

If you installed another web browser after installing Internet Explorer, some of your Internet Explorer settings may have changed. You can reset your Internet Explorer settings to their original defaults, including your home page and search pages, and choice of default browser, without changing your other browser's settings. To reset Internet Explorer settings, click the Tools menu, click Internet Options, click the Programs tab, and then click Reset Web Settings.

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