Creating a Presentation Using a Template


PowerPoint provides a collection of professionally designed templates that you can use to create effective presentations. Start with a template when you have a good idea of your content but want to take advantage of a template's professional design and formatting. Each template provides a format and color scheme so you only need to add text. You can choose a new template for your presentation at any point, when you first start your presentation or after you've developed the content. Select Additional Design Templates or Design Templates on Microsoft Office Online to view more templates.

Create a Presentation with a Template


Start PowerPoint or click the File menu, and then click New.


Click Create A New Presentation on the task pane, and then click From Design Template.


Click the template you want to apply to your slide.


Apply a Template to an Existing Presentation


Click the Slide Design button on the Formatting toolbar, or click the Format menu, and then click Slide Design.


Point to the template you want to apply to your slides.


Click the list arrow, and then click Apply To All Slides or click Apply To Selected Slides.


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