Creating Contacts

You can create a contact list when you want to have a central database of your team information. You will have the ability to manage information about sales contacts, vendors , and employees that your team has involvement with.

Create a Contact List


Log into your SharePoint server with your domain account and password.


On the main Home page, click Create Manage Content under the Actions Sidebar.


Click Create, and then click Contacts.


Type the name of the contact, add an optional description, click Yes if you want to add the contacts list to the menu bar, and then click Create.


Click New Item.


Type the contact name, and then add in all the appropriate information on your contact.


Click the Save And Close button.



Link to Contacts in Outlook


On the Contacts page, click Link To Outlook.

graphics/tow_icon.jpg If a security dialog box appears asking for your approval prior to adding a folder, click Yes.

You will be prompted to type in the credentials of your user account.


Type your Domain User credentials and password, and then click OK.


Click Other Contacts to view your SharePoint contacts.



Did You Know?

You will not be able to change the contact information in your SharePoint contacts folder within Outlook 2003 . You will only have read access rights within Outlook 2003. To change the SharePoint contacts information, return to your SharePoint Site, and then modify the information under your Contacts Site.

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