Changing Web Page Options

When you save or publish a presentation as a Web page, you can change the appearance of the Web page by changing PowerPoint's Web options. You can set Web options to add slide navigation buttons , change Web page colors, show slide transitions and animations in the browser window, and resize graphics to fit the display of the browser window.

Change Web Page Options


Click the Tools menu, and then click Options.


Click the General tab.


Click Web Options.


Click the General tab.


Click the options you want to use when you save or publish a Web page.

  • To add slide navigation controls and change the Web page colors, select the Add Slide Navigation Controls check box, and then click the Colors list arrow and select a color scheme.

  • To show slide transitions and animations, select the Show Slide Animation While Browsing check box.

  • To allow graphics to fit in different size browser windows , select the Resize Graphics To Fit Browser Window check box.


Click OK.


Click OK.



Did You Know?

You can view Web pages internationally ? Web pages are saved using the appropriate international text encoding so users on any language system are able to view the correct characters .

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