Selecting and Naming a Worksheet


Each new workbook opens with three worksheets (or sheets), in which you store and analyze values. You can work in the active, or selected, worksheet. The default worksheet names are Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3, which appear on the sheet tab, like file folder labels. As you create a worksheet, give it a meaningful name to help you remember its contents. The sheet tab size adjusts to fit the name's length. If you work on a project that requires more than three worksheets, add additional sheets to the workbook so all related information is stored in one workbook.

Select a Worksheet


If necessary, click a sheet tab scroll button to display other tabs.


Click a sheet tab to make it the active worksheet.


To select multiple worksheets, press and hold Ctrl as you click other sheet tabs.


Name a Worksheet


Double-click the sheet tab you want to name.


Type a new name.


Press Enter.



Did You Know?

You can use a short tab name . Because the size of a sheet tab enlarges to accommodate a longer name, using short names means more sheet tabs will be visible.

You can change the color of the sheet tab names . By right-clicking the sheet tab of the worksheet you want, and selecting Select Tab Color from the pop-up menu, you can choose a different color.

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