Creating Functions


Trying to write a formula that calculates various pieces of data, such as calculating payments for an investment over a period of time at a certain rate, can be difficult and time-consuming . The Insert Function feature simplifies the process by organizing Excel's built-in formulas, called functions, into categories so they are easy to find and use. A function defines all the necessary components (also called arguments) you need to produce a specific result; all you have to do is supply the values, cell references, and other variables . You can even combine one or more functions if necessary.

Enter a Function Using Insert Function


Click the cell where you want to enter the function.


Click the Insert Function button on the Formula bar.


Click a function category you want to use.


Click a function you want to use.


Click OK.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Enter the cell addresses in the text boxes. Type them or click the Collapse Dialog button to the right of the text box, select the cell or range using your mouse, and then click the Expand Dialog button.

In many cases, the Insert Function might try to "guess" which cells you want to include in the function.


Click OK.



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