Restricting Workbook Access

You can use Information Rights Management (IRM) in Office 2003 programs to provide restricted access to Office documents. In Outlook, you can use IRM to create messages with restricted permission to help prevent worksheets from being forwarded, printed, copied , or edited by unauthorized people. If you attach an Excel workbook to an Outlook message, the workbook also contains the restriction. IRM uses a server to authenticate the credentials of people who create or receive worksheets or e-mail with restricted permission. For Microsoft Office users without access to one of these servers, Microsoft provides a free trial IRM service, which requires a .NET Passport.

Set Up Information Rights Management


Click the File menu, point to Permission, and then click Restrict Permission As.

graphics/tow_icon.jpg Click Yes to download and install IRM. Follow the wizard instructions.

Upon completion, the Service Sign-Up Wizard opens.


Click the Yes, I Want To Sign Up For This Free Trial Service From Microsoft option.


Click Next, and then follow the remaining instructions to create a .NET Passport and complete the service sign-up.


Click Cancel.



Create a Workbook with Restricted Permission


Open the workbook you want to restrict permission.


Click the File menu, point to Permission, and then click Restrict Permission As.


Click the user with the permissions to create or open restricted content.


Click OK.


Select the Restrict Permission To This Workbook check box.


Enter e-mail addresses of users in the Read and Change boxes or click the Read or Change button to select users from your Address Book.


Click More Options.


Select the check boxes with the specific permissions you want.

graphics/nine_icon.jpg Click OK.

A restricted message appears above the address name .




Did You Know?

You can unrestrict a workbook . Click the File menu, point to Permission, and then click Unrestricted Access.

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