Setting Access Startup Options

You can use startup options to specify how an Access database opens. For example, you can specify what form or data access page to display, whether users can customize toolbars , and whether shortcut menus are available. You can also use a special macro named AutoExec to carry out one or more actions. When you open a database, Access looks for a macro named AutoExec. If Access finds the AutoExec macro, it automatically runs it.

Change Startup Options


Click the Tools menu, and then click Startup.


Type a title for the application database.


Select the form/page options you want.


Select the menu bar and shortcut options you want.


Click OK.


See Also

See "Creating a Macro" on page 284 for information on creating a macro named AutoExec for startup purposes.

Did You Know?

You can open a switchboard automatically . To cause Access to open the switchboard automatically whenever the database is opened, click the Tools menu, click Startup, click the Display Form/Page list arrow, and then click Switchboard.

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