Linking to a New Document

You can create new documents at the same time you link to them. The documents can be Web pages, Office documents like Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, or any other document type that is associated with an application on your computer. Once you create the new document, you have the choice of editing it immediately within the appropriate application, or editing it later.

Insert a Hyperlink to a New Document


Within a Hyperlink field or while editing a form or report in Design view, click the Insert Hyperlink button on the Design toolbar.


Click Create New Page on the Link To bar.


Enter the hyperlink text.


Enter the name of the new document and the location in which you want it created.


Click one of the When To Edit option to indicate whether you want to edit the document now or later.

graphics/6_icon.jpg Click OK.

If you chose to edit the document immediately, the application for the document type opens.


Start editing your new document.


Did You Know?

You can choose a document type . Document types are determined by the file name extension. For example, Word documents are identified by the .doc extension.

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