Creating New Tables with a Query

The data that appears after you run a query appears in table form and Access allows you to work with those results like tables. However, query results are not tables. If you want to place the results of a query into a separate table, you can use the make-table query . This query directs Access to save the results of your query to a new table in either the current database or a different database.

Create a New Table with a Query


In Query Design view, create a select query, including any combination of fields, calculated fields, or criteria.


Click the Query Type button list arrow on the Query Design toolbar, and then click Make-Table Query.


Type the name of the table you want to create, or click the list arrow, and then select a table from the list if you want to replace the existing one.


Click the Current Database option if the table is in the currently open database, or click Another Database and type the name of another database (including the path , if necessary).


Click OK.


Click the Run button on the Query Design toolbar.


Click Yes when Access asks if you're sure you want to create the new table.


Open the new table to view the records resulting from the query.


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