Assumed Knowledge

This book assumes a working knowledge of core features such as JDBC. Chapters related to J2EE topics such as EJB and JMS assume a basic grounding in those areas. However, we provide suggestions on further reading at appropriate points, so don't worry too much now if you're not sure your knowledge is deep enough.

We assume sound knowledge of OO design and Java language features including reflection, inner classes, and dynamic proxies.

Existing Spring Framework knowledge is not required.

We assume a basic knowledge of SQL and relational database concepts. An understanding of object relational mapping (ORM) is helpful but not essential.

If you've used a MVC web framework such as Struts, you will probably grasp the web content more quickly. However, we begin our coverage of Spring MVC with a discussion of the concepts behind MVC web frameworks.

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
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