Wanghy Cache,595

weather data service example

IoC version

Constructor Injection,43–44

Method Injection,44–45

Setter Injection,41–43

JDBC used by,67–69

non-IoC version,40–41

web frameworks. See also  MVC web frameworks

application dependency on,6

books about,597

integration with,20

web requests,security for,368,369–370

Web Service Definition Language (WSDL),307

Web Services with JAX-RPC

accessing a service,326–328

custom application objects,330–332

definition of,324–325

exporting a service,328–330

support classes for,325

when to use,325,333

web tier,27–28

WebApplicationContext interface,50,430–431,432,434–436

WebApplicationObjectSupport class,435–436

WebContentGenerator interface,458

WebContentInterceptor class,447–448

WebLogic 7.0 and 8.1 server,transaction manager for,249,250

WebLogicJtaTransactionManager class,250

WebLogicServerTransactionManager FactoryBean class,250


Acegi Security,368

Apache Commons Pool,150

Apache OJB (Object relational Bridge),256

AspectWerkz AOP framework,169

Aurora MVC,595

Canoo WebTest tool,106,485

Cayenne O/R mapping project,302,596

EasyMock library,105,483


iBATIS SQL Maps,261

iText library,490

Jakarta Apache Cactus tool,106,421

Jakarta Commons FileUpload package,478

Jakarta POI,516


JDBC RowSet Implementations tutorial,189

JDBC tutorial,171


jMock library,106

JSF web framework,525


MockEJB framework,420

Mule framework,596

Oracle TopLink,256

sample application source code,551


Spring documentation,597

The Spring Framework.NET,595

Spring IDE for Eclipse,595

The Spring Modules project,595

Spring XMLDB,595

Struts web framework,525

Tapestry web framework,525

TestMaker tool (Push2Test),485


Velocity macros,510

Velocity template engine,356

Wanghy Cache,595

WebWork web framework,525,596

WebSphere 4.0 and 5.x server,transaction manager for,249

WebSphereTransactionManagerFactoryBean class,250

WebWork web framework


data binding,525–526

definition of,525,596

features of,525–526,528,530,532

integration with,20,536–537


presentation layer,528

wizard-style forms,474–477

WSDL/SOAP,remoting using,307. See also  Web Services with JAX-RPC

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
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EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 188

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