P2P (Point-to-Point) messaging,336

Page class,544

pageAttribute property, AbstractWizardForm Controller class,475,476

pages property, AbstractWizardFormController class,475

ParameterizableViewController class,460

parent bean definitions,72–73,74

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (Fowler),343

Pavlik,Greg ( Java Transaction Processing: Design and Implementation),217


generating with iText library,490–491

view classes for,517

persist (save) methods,DAO,24

persistence frameworks,integration with,19–20

persistence services,23–26

persistence solutions. See  O/R (Object-Relational) mapping

PersistenceBroker API,Apache OJB,300

PersistenceBrokerDaoSupport class,173,300

PersistenceBrokerTemplate class,300

PersistenceBrokerTransactionManager class

definition of,226,227,247–248

when to use,225,300

PersistenceManager class,289,294,295

PersistenceManagerFactory class,290–293,294

PersistenceManagerFactoryUtils class,246

persistent domain objects,23,26,583,585

persistent object lifecycle,JDO API,289,294–295

pessimistic locking,220

PetClinic sample application,598

phantom reads,219,229

Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs)

AOP and,11,14,578

application objects as,7

business service objects as,27,585


persistence specification,599


remoting and,35

Spring Framework support for,3,4,5,37,577


transaction management and,12,34,219,225

PlatformTransactionManager interface,225,227,230,278


Acegi Security support for,369

Spring Framework support for,7

pluggable cache strategies,Hibernate,269

plumbing code,2

Pointcut interface,126–127

PointcutAdvisor class,130


control flow pointcuts,129

definition of,12,114,125–126



operating on,130

provided by Spring,127–130

regular expression pointcuts,128–129,131


Pointcuts class,127,130

Point-to-Point (P2P) messaging,336

POJO-based remoting. See  lightweight remoting

POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects)

AOP and,11,14,578

application objects as,7

business service objects as,27,585


persistence specification,599


remoting and,35

Spring Framework support for,3,4,5,37,577


transaction management and,12,34,219,225

pooling target objects,149–152

PoolingConfig interface,152

prefixes for resource location strings,85,92

prepared statements,JDBC,187–188

PreparedStatement interface,JDBC,174

PreparedStatementCreator interface,JDBC,187

PreparedStatementSetter interface,JDBC,188

presentation layer

definition of,23,27–29,583

guidelines for,587–588

JSF features for,529

Spring MVC features for,529

Struts features for,528

Tapestry features for,529

WebWork features for,528

primary keys,generating,194–196


Principal class,JAAS,372

Pro JSP Third Edition  (Brown et al.),496

proceed() method

MethodInterceptor interface, 121

MethodInvocation interface, 159–160, 161, 163

processCancel() method, AbstractWizardForm Controller class,475

processFinish() method, AbstractWizardForm Controller class,475

programmatic transaction demarcation,227,230–232

programmatic transaction management,221

programming model,consistent,6

propagation behavior of transactions,227–228

PROPAGATION_MANDATORY option for transactions,228

PROPAGATION_NESTED option for transactions,228

PROPAGATION_NEVER option for transactions,228

PROPAGATION_NOT_SUPPORTED option for transactions,228

PROPAGATION_REQUIRED option for transactions,228

PROPAGATION_REQUIRES_NEW option for transactions,228

PROPAGATION_SUPPORTS option for transactions,228

Properties format,for container definitions,108–109

PropertiesBeanDefinitionReader class,49

PropertiesEditor class,102

property editors

custom,creating and using,79–80

provided by Spring,list of,102–103

type conversion using,57

property element,58–61

PropertyEditor class,57,79–80,102–103,462

PropertyOverrideConfigurer interface,78

PropertyPathFactoryBean class,99–100

PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer interface,77–78,274

props element,59–60

prototype (non-singleton) beans

compared to singleton beans,55–56

destruction process for,67

in lifecycle of AOP proxies,140–141

ProviderManager class,Acegi,377,378

proxy-based AOP framework,12,34,114,118

ProxyConfig class,132–135

ProxyFactory class,132–133,147

ProxyFactoryBean interface

creating AOP proxies using,137–140,170

definition of,70,132–133

transaction interceptors and,233–235

when to use,145

proxyInterfaces property, ProxyFactoryBean class,138

proxyTargetClass property, ProxyConfig class,134


AspectJ in Action  (Laddad),170,597

Core J2EE Patterns  (Alur,Crupi,Malks),172,424

Design Patterns (Gamma,Helm,Johnson,Vlissides),597

Domain Driven Design  (Evans),597

Eclipse AspectJ: Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ and the Eclipse AspectJ Development Tools (Colyer),170,597

Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development (Johnson),32,427,458,597

Hibernate in Action (King,Bauer),269

iBATIS SQL Maps Developer Guide  (Begin),261

J2EE Design and Development  (Johnson),428

J2EE Development without EJB (Johnson,Hoeller),169,398,491,597

Java Transaction Processing: Design and Implementation (Little,Maron,Pavlik),217

JDBC RowSet Implementations tutorial,189

JDBC tutorial,171

JUnit Recipes (Rainsberger),110

list of,597

ONJava articles (Bergsten),496

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture  (Fowler),343

Pro JSP Third Edition  (Brown et al.),496

“Spring and AspectWerkz A Happy Marriage" (Boner),169

publishContext parameter, DispatcherServlet class,432

publishEvent() method, ApplicationEvent Publisher interface,90

Pub/Sub (Publish/Subscribe) messaging,336

pull configuration,9

pull model,in MVC,426

push configuration,9. See also Dependency Injection

push model,in MVC,427

Push2Test TestMaker tool,485

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
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