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Chapter 2: Task-Support Bloopers

Table 2.1: Air-travel reservation menus that provide no way to specify "any time."
Table 2.2: Air-travel reservation menus that provide all necessary options. The latter two provide a simpler set of choices well suited for searching.
Table 2.3: Categorizing a website's supported tasks according to how many people will use them, how often. The category a task is in determines how important it is to minimize the number of steps it takes.

Chapter 7: Link Appearance Bloopers

Table 7.1: Examples of Embedded Textual Links, and How to Avoid Them

Chapter 8: Graphic and Layout Bloopers

Table 8.1: Comparing Displayed Text Size : Navigator 4.76 vs. Internet Explorer 5.0 (Mac)
Table 8.2: Effective Font Sizes on a Mac Corresponding to Font Sizes Designed for Windows

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