11.2 Using Fink

Once Fink has been installed, you can see what packages are available by entering the command fink list . You can install a package from source with the command fink install package .

The fink command is used from the command line to maintain, install, and uninstall packages from source. Table 11-1 lists some examples of its usage.

Table 11-1. Various fink commands



fink apropos foo

Lists packages matching the search keyword, foo .

fink build foo

Downloads and builds package foo . No installation is performed.

fink checksums

Verifies the integrity of source tarballs.

fink configure

Rerun the configuration process.

fink describe foo

Describes package foo .

fink fetch foo

Downloads package foo, but doesn't install it.

fink fetch-all

Downloads source files for all available packages.

fink fetch-missing

Like fetch-all , but fetches only source code that's not already present.

fink index

Forces a rebuild of the package cache.

fink install foo

Downloads source, then builds and installs package foo .

fink list

Lists available packages. "i" is placed next to installed packages. Takes many options. For example, fink list -i lists only installed packages. Execute fink list -help for a complete set of options.

fink purge foo

Same as remove but also removes all configuration files. Use apt-get remove instead.

fink rebuild foo

Downloads and rebuilds package foo . Installation is performed.

fink reinstall foo

Reinstalls foo using dpkg .

fink remove foo

Deletes package foo , ignoring dependencies. Use apt-get remove instead.

fink selfupdate

Updates Fink along with package list. Uses latest officially released Fink source. Do this first unless you're updating via CVS.

fink selfupdate-cvs

Updates Fink along with the package list using CVS.

fink selfupdate-rsync

Updates Fink, along with the package list, using rsync .

fink update foo

Updates package foo .

fink update-all

Updates all installed packages.

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