In Brief

  • You can write your own controls either by inheriting from a control provided in the Base Class Libraries, or by aggregating several controls into one new control. In both cases, your own code provides the unique behavior you desire .

  • You can make a control into a drop target by setting its AllowDrop property to True and adding handlers for the DragEnter and DragDrop events.

  • You can make a control into a drag source by adding a handler for a common event, such as a mouse click, and calling DoDragDrop() in that handler.

  • GDI+ enables you to use sophisticated graphics such as blends and transparent colors with ease, using pens, brushes, fonts, and a Graphics object.

  • Use the forms designer and the Properties window to make different versions of a form for different languages and cultures.

  • Move error messages and other strings into a resource file to simplify the job of localizing your application.

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