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actions, setting
     in OLAP cubes
     PivotTable Wizard
         to pivot tables 2nd
     fields to VBA pivot tables
     functionality to recorded macros 2nd 3rd 4th
    rank number fields
         to pivot tables 2nd
     scrollbars to spreadsheets 2nd
     subtotals to fields 2nd
Advanced Filter command
    Unique Records Only option
         1992 summary report case study
Advanced Options dialog
     AutoShow feature
         logic bugs 2nd
         Top 10 AutoShow settings 2nd
     AutoSort feature
         layout changes effects on 2nd 3rd
         Top 10 AutoShow settings
     sorting pivot tables 2nd
Another PivotTable or PivotChart Report option (PivotTable Wizard) 2nd
         in OLAP pivot tables 2nd
         to command buttons (Forms toolbar)
AutoComplete feature (VBA)
     PivotTable Classic format 2nd 3rd
AutoFormat feature
     pivot table reports 2nd
     PivotTable Classic format
    predefined formats
         selecting 2nd
AutoFormat Table option (PivotTable Options dialog)
     OLAP cube pivot tables
AutoShow feature (Advanced Options dialog)
     logic bugs 2nd
     Top 10 AutoShow settings 2nd 3rd
AutoShow feature (VBA)
     executive overviews, producing 2nd 3rd 4th
AutoSort feature (Advanced Options dialog)
     layout changes effects on 2nd 3rd
AutoSort feature (VBA)
     OLAP cube pivot tables
Average function
     in VBA pivot tables 2nd

Pivot Table Data Crunching
Pivot Table Data Crunching for Microsoft Office Excel 2007
ISBN: 0789736012
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 140

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