Almost all the code in this book will be developed with associated tests in NUnit. I expect that youll see that working this way serves well to keep the problems small, keep the code working, and make the code easy to improve. Once in a while, well be working without tests, either because we cant figure out how to write a test or because we get lazy. If that happens, I bet there will be bugs in the code.

Because this is a book about learning, if there are bugs, were going to let you see them. Assess whether our bugs would have been reduced by writing more or better tests. My bet right now is that youll come to see how effective the testing approach is. Thats not all were here to learn, but its one thing that will come out.

Installing NUnit into your .NET development process is quite easy. It should take only an hour or so to write your first test. And I hope youll try it and never stop.

Extreme Programming Adventures in C#
Javaв„ў EE 5 Tutorial, The (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 735619492
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Year: 2006
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