All Done, for Now

The Shift+Enter feature now works and is tested . We improved the CustomerTest framework a little along the way. This is worth a comment:


Teams sometimes think that they can t have customer tests because they don t have a framework. We have answered that before and will again: you don t have to have a framework, but you do have to have tests. A framework is helpful, but tests are essential. Back a few chapters, we followed this advice and implemented our first customer tests. We ve enhanced the framework a few times to add functionality to it, and we have adjusted our code, especially the XMLNotepad, to make it easier to test things. This time, we have improved the framework to make it easier to understand what has gone wrong. That s what s supposed to happen when you re evolving the system. Small improvements, done in a clean fashion, as needed, add up.

Take a moment to imagine what you might do to the CustomerTest class if your customer wanted a complete report of all the tests: when they were run, whether they worked, and so on. Would it be difficult? HINT: It wouldn t be. You d just add a little tracing code to the class to output the results to a file, or even to an HTML file, or even, if necessary, to a database of some kind.

You re probably not going to need that, and right now I m sure that we aren t going to need that. But if we did get asked for it, we d estimate it, our customer would schedule it, and we d put it in. We know that evolutionary design works, and that it wouldn t be a big problem.

So we ve taken a new story, the Shift+Enter idea, and implemented it complete with tests, with little difficulty. We ve encountered a worrying problem that still hangs over our head: will the customer decide that they want something special about intelligently inserting tags? We talked with the customers at length, though, and they re not sure whether the current situation is a problem. What they really want is a File\Save and File\Open capability so that they can start using the tool.

Fortunately, we ve been working on that, as you ll soon see.

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