Never Give Up...That Ship

Im not willing to give up, and heres why. First, the enter thing worked pretty well. That gives me at least a small boost of confidence that we could make this happen. Second, this is, at least in part, a book about how we ought to go about things, and by the time were done here, I want it to be clear, one way or the other, whether this test was worth writing. And third, I have a little feeling that if we can crack this one, it will open other doors and make other tests easier.

And I have a fantasy. Suppose that instead of *altS, we had the test say something like, oh, *menu &S. Suppose that the Form would provide to the test a collection of all its menu items. Suppose we searched through the menu items looking for one that had &S in its text. Suppose we issued an error if it wasnt there, and suppose we clicked it somehow if it was. Then the click would run, send the InsertSectionTags() message or whatever, and when we checked the output, it would be right. If I can make that fantasy come true in an hour s work, I think itll be worth doing. Lets try it, in that simple XP style.

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