Here you ll notice a test, ControlTwo, that verifies that the XML Notepad will insert an H2 tag. We haven t talked about this, as there wasn t much to learn from it, but it s a feature that I put in as an early experiment in how to make things work. At least I wrote a test for it!

 using System; 
using System.Collections;
using NUnit.Framework;
namespace Notepad {
[TestFixture] public class TestTextModel : Assertion {
private TextModel model;
[SetUp] public void CreateModel() {
model = new TextModel();
[Test] public void TestNoLines() {
model.SetLines(new String[0]);
AssertEquals(0, model.Lines.Count);
[Test] public void TestNoProcessing() {
model.SetLines(new String[3] { "hi", "there", "chet"});
AssertEquals(3, model.Lines.Count);
[Test] public void TestOneEnter() {
model.SetLines(new String[1] {"hello world" });
model.SelectionStart = 5;
AssertEquals(3, model.Lines.Count);
AssertEquals(18, model.SelectionStart);
[Test] public void TestEmptyText() {
model.Lines = new ArrayList(new String[0]);
AssertEquals(1, model.Lines.Count);
AssertEquals(3, model.SelectionStart);
// Chet comments that he hates the comments
[Test] public void InsertWithCursorAtLineStart () {
model.Lines = new ArrayList(new String[3] { "<P>one</P>", "",
model.SelectionStart = 14;
AssertEquals("<P>two</P>", model.Lines[2]);
[Test] public void TestLineContainingCursorDirectly() {
// todo?
[Test] public void ControlTwo() {
model.SetLines(new String[1] {"<P>The Heading</P>" });
AssertEquals("<H2>The Heading</H2>", model.Lines[0]);

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