The world's economy and society is undergoing significant change with an increasing emphasis on the ability to create, store, distribute and apply knowledge. Creating intelligent enterprises in the 21st century requires integration of various technologies, tools, processes, etc., on various levels such as integration of different kinds of information systems (like data warehouses, workflow systems, document management systems, etc.); integration of different kinds of knowledge (like knowledge of the organizational structure, of the business rules, of the products, etc.); integration of knowledge whose degree of formalization differs (like a textual representation of the business rules and a formal representation of some of its aspects as needed for a knowledge-based decision support system). The core of a successful knowledge management is a comprehensive corporate memory, which influences all kinds of business activities on the strategic layer (e.g., how an enterprise aligns to its mission), on the tactical layer (e.g., the design of business processes), and on the operational layer (e.g., the efficiency and quality of the installed business processes). Only through integration it is possible to build a corporate memory, i.e., a central information repository which comprises the knowledge an organization needs to be functioning effectively and efficiently. Such enterprises having business intelligence and knowledge management tools would able to respond to fast-changing business demands.

Intelligent Enterprises of the 21st Century
Intelligent Enterprises of the 21st Century
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