Chapter 11. Deploying SQL Procedures, Functions, and Triggers

In this chapter, you will learn

  • Several methods for deploying SQL procedures

  • How to deploy functions and triggers

  • The pros and cons associated with each of the various deployment methods

  • Considerations for deploying and working with SQL procedures

Deployment of SQL procedures is the task of moving SQL procedures from one environment to anotherfor example, moving SQL procedures from a development environment to a test or production environment. This chapter discusses several ways in which this can be done. The method chosen to deploy your procedures will depend on your requirements.

The DB2 Development Center can be used to deploy SQL procedures on the following platforms: LUW, iSeries, and zSeries. The deployment process on LUW and zSeries is very similar, and hence there will be material that is relevant for both platforms. There are additional methods and considerations for each platform, and these (in addition to the iSeries deployment methods) are covered later in the chapter.

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