DB2 for zSeries Considerations

When working with procedures on DB2 for zSeries, there are two important things to consider.

DYNAMICRULES Bind/Rebind Option Value

The DYNAMICRULES option on the BIND or REBIND command determines what values apply at runtime for the following dynamic SQL attributes:

  • The authorization ID that is used to check authorization

  • The qualifier that is used for unqualified objects

  • The source for application programming options that DB2 uses to parse and semantically verify dynamic SQL statements

The DYNAMICRULES option also determines whether dynamic SQL statements can include GRANT, REVOKE, ALTER, CREATE, DROP, and RENAME statements.

It is worth mentioning that the installation panel DSNTIP4 (Application Programming Defaults Panel 2) has the field USE FOR DYNAMICRULES that will determine from where the values for certain application programming defaults are taken:

  • If USE FOR DYNAMIC RULES has a value of YES (default), the values of the following fields in panel DSNTIPF and DSNTIP4 will be used regardless of what is specified in the DYNAMICRULES bind/rebind option:


  • If USE FOR DYNAMIC RULES has a value of NO, the values specified in the DYNAMICRULES bind/rebind option will take effect.

The Package's Runtime Environment

In addition to the DYNAMICRULES value, the runtime environment of a package controls how dynamic SQL statements behave at runtime. The two possible runtime environments are

  • The package runs as part of a stand-alone program (outside the scope of this book).

  • The package runs as a stored procedure or user-defined function package, or is called by a stored procedure or user-defined function.

The combination of these two factors determine four dynamic SQL statement behaviors: RUN, BIND, DEFINE, and INVOKE. The two behaviors applicable to stored procedures are DEFINE and INVOKE; therefore, we will only describe these behaviors and the corresponding DYNAMICRULES values in this section.

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