While it is my name on the cover, the production of a book is a team effort. Outside of the team, I'd also like to thank Todd Warner of Red Hat, as well as Martin Buckley, Sascha Wessels, Marissa Krupa, and Jasmin Ul-Haque of Novell/SUSE for their help.

Naturally, Linux would not have the world-class patch management tools without its world of dedicated developers. The Debian developers behind apt, the Yellowdog developers behind yum, the Conectiva (now Mandriva) developers who brought apt to RPM-based distributions, as well as those who have added to the associated tools, all deserve special thanks.

Also important to this process are the editors at Prentice Hall: Chris Zahn, Jill Harry, Karen Gettman, Ebony Haight, Michael Thurston, Elise Walter, and Debbie Williams. I could not have made this book into a quality work without the reviews of Elizabeth Zinkann, Joe Brazeal, Matthew Crosby, Bret Strong, George Vish, Aaron Weber, and Fabien Gandon. This book would not have been possible except for the vision of the Open Source Series editor, Bruce Perens.

Linux(r) Patch Management(c) Keeping Linux(r) Systems Up To Date
Linux Patch Management: Keeping Linux Systems Up To Date
ISBN: 0132366754
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 80
Authors: Michael Jang

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