Some Pointers

Once you've finished reading this book, set aside some time to do a thorough review. You might want to return to the book several times and make use of all the methods it offers for reviewing the material:

  • Reread all the Exam Watch notes. Remember that these notes are written by authors who have taken the exam and passed. They know what you should expect-and what you should be on the lookout for.

  • Review all the Scenario & Solution sections for quick problem solving.

  • Retake the Self Tests. Focus on the labs, as there are no multiple choice (or even "fill in the blank") questions on the Red Hat exams. I've included "fill in the blank" questions just to test your mastery of the practical material in each chapter.

  • Complete the exercises. Did you do the exercises when you read through each chapter? If not, do them! These exercises are designed to cover exam topics, and there's no better way to get to know this material than by practicing. Be sure you understand why you are performing each step in each exercise. If there is something you are not clear on, reread that section in the chapter.

RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide (Exam RH302)
Linux Patch Management: Keeping Linux Systems Up To Date
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