The Visual Studio .NET environment makes it easy to create a wide range of web services. In general, when you use Visual Studio .NET to create a web service, Visual Studio .NET will create a function template (program code that is commented out) that you can edit to create your web service methods. As you have learned, if you create a web service using one programming language (such as Visual Basic .NET), you can later create programs in the same or other languages that interact with the service.

A web service is no different than other programs you write. If you create a web service and later make changes to your code, you must recompile the web service code to put your changes into effect. If you change the web service in a way that adds a method or changes the number or type of parameters a method supports, you must update the web service reference that you place in the programs that use the service.

Web service methods can return any data type, such as an integer value, floating-point value, or character string. In addition, as you learned in this chapter, your web service methods can also return an array of values or a structure that contains several values. In Chapter 3, you will learn how to call web service methods from within an HTML file using a JavaScript and special software called the web service behavior.

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