Creating the Master Set Layout: fo:layout-master-set

Creating the Master Set Layout: <fo:layout-master-set>

You use masters to create templates for pages, page sequences, and regions . The <fo:layout-master-set> element contains all the masters used in the document, including page sequence masters, page masters, and region masters, which you apply to create page sequences, pages, and regions.

Page masters are templates for individual pages; page sequence masters are templates for sequences of pages; and region masters enable you to format specific regions in a page. In this example, I create a single page master using <fo:simple-page-master>.

You list the masters you want to use in the document in the <fo:layout-master-set> element, so I add that element to planets.xsl now:

 <?xml version="1.0"?>  <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=""      xmlns:fo=""      version="1.0">      <xsl:template match="PLANETS">          <fo:root xmlns:fo="">            <fo:layout-master-set>            .            .            .            </fo:layout-master-set>      .      .      . 

This element contains the page master, as specified with an <fo:simple-page-master> element.

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