The Waveform Editor

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The Waveform Editor is a window that gives you a graphical representation of your audio tracks. Using the Waveform Editor, you can view audio segments, graphically manipulate audio, and create loops .


Navigating in the Waveform Editor

The waves created by an audio file can be quite long, and at first glance, provide little information as to what audio is contained in the wave. To help you manage your audio tracks, Digital Performer offers you a variety of ways to navigate around the Waveform Editor window.


Being able to make a precise selection is essential when editing audio files. To help you get a closer look at the waves of an audio file, Digital Performer provides you with both vertical and horizontal zoom capabilities.

Vertical Zoom

By using the vertical Zoom tool, you can make the waveform appear taller.



Pressing and holding the Option key while clicking on one of the Zoom tools will lower the increments by which the program zooms in or out of the waveform.

Horizontal Zoom

The horizontal Zoom tool will stretch out your view of the waveform so you can do some detailed editing.


Zoom Pop-Up Menu

Another option for zooming is to take advantage of the Zoom pop-up menu.



Waveform Overview

The Waveform Overview is a graphical representation of your entire selection. Within the Overview window is a close-up lens that can be used to jump to different parts of your audio selection.



Previewing and Selecting

In order to perform basic editing tasks on your audio, you must first create a selection. Whenever you create a selection, you can listen to its contents if the Audible mode is activated. Selections can be made graphically or through dialog boxes.

Selecting Graphically

The fastest way to make a selection is to click and drag within the Time Ruler.



Selecting Manually

If you want to make exact selections, you can enter the specific locations where you would like to create a selection.


Basic Wave Editing

All of the editing features that were covered in Chapter 8, "Basic Editing," can be performed in the Waveform Editor once a selection has been made. Some of these editing features include, cut, copy, paste, erase, merge, snip, and splice.





Graphical Editing

Using the Pencil tool, you can alter the shape of the waveform graphically on-screen. The Pencil tool allows you to change the shape and sound of your audio selection. It's a good idea to use the maximum zoom level when editing with the Pencil tool to ensure you are making detailed edits.






To ensure detailed editing, make your graphical edits at a high zoom level.


The Waveform Editor allows you to define loops, preview them, and adjust their boundaries.

Creating Loops

You can create a loop from the selection that you have made within the Waveform window.



Adjusting Loops

You can easily adjust the loops that you have created by clicking and dragging.


Naming Loops

It's a good idea to name your loops, because it will become increasingly difficult to keep track of them should you create multiple loops.



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