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The general definition of a soundbite is any piece of an audio track. In Digital Performer, a soundbite means something a little different. A soundbite in Digital Performer is a reference to a sound file somewhere on your computer. Basically, a soundbite points to a sound file on your hard drive that Digital Performer can then reference and play. The beauty of a soundbite is that it is located outside of the program so it doesn't take up as much disk space as regular audio tracks. Soundbites can be created within the Waveform Editor or through a variety of other means, but are best managed from the Soundbites window. Think of the Soundbites window as a library of all of your soundbites. You can deposit and withdraw different soundbites as needed.


Adding Soundbites

Any audio that you have recorded automatically becomes a soundbite. In addition, you can create soundbites from existing tracks or you can import them into Digital Performer.

Creating Soundbites in the Waveform Editor

You can take parts of an existing audio track and make a separate sound file from them using the Waveform Editor.




Importing Soundbites

Recording music isn't the only way to get audio into Digital Performer. Using the Soundbites window is the best way to import and manage audio clips. There are many ways to get your audio into the Soundbites window.

Mini Menu

Using the mini menu within the Soundbites window, you can import soundbites from any location on your computer or network.



Click and Drag

Another method of bringing audio to the Soundbites window is clicking and dragging the audio clip from your desktop or File window into the Soundbites window.



Moving Soundbites to Your Tracks

Soundbites really don't serve a purpose unless you can bring them to your sequences.


You can only move mono soundbites to mono tracks and stereo soundbites to stereo tracks.




When importing audio into Digital Performer, you can bypass the Soundbites window altogether. You can click and drag audio and MIDI files from the desktop or File window directly into the Tracks window of Digital Performer.

Managing Soundbites

Through the life of any particular project, it is quite possible to accumulate dozens of soundbites. The Soundbites window has several features available to help you manage your files.

Naming Soundbites

To help keep track of your soundbites, you can give them detailed names .



Editing Soundbites

Rather than having to go to the Waveform Editor or any other audio editing window to make changes to your soundbites, the Soundbites window has an editor built right in.


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