Working with Windows

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Working with Windows

Nothing is more detrimental to productivity than clutter. Like most other applications made for the Mac environment, Digital Performer is made up of a variety of different windows. There are literally dozens of different windows that can be open at any given time, which creates the potential problem of having your screen completely cluttered, making it difficult to keep track of what you are doing on-screen. That is why being able to manage open windows is extremely important.

Opening Windows

There are some windows that you will use more often than others, but most can be opened in a similar way. Digital Performer groups windows in sets designed for specific tasks .


Manipulating Windows

Digital Performer allows you to move and change the size of windows in order to help you avoid clutter on your screen and keep your work organized.



The Control Panel, which contains the Stop, Play, and Record buttons , does not have a title bar. You can move it by positioning the mouse pointer in a blank area and clicking and dragging to a new location.




Scrolling Through Windows

Depending on the size of a window, there may be more data within that window than can be seen. The scroll arrows allow you to navigate to the data that can't readily be seen.


Window Commands

In the top-left corner of almost every window in Digital Performer, you will notice a series of small icons when you click on the window. These icons represent different commands that you can carry out within that window. Because different windows have different functions, some icons will appear on some windows but not on others.

Closing a Window

Almost every window has a Close button that looks like a down arrow in the top-left corner.


Mini Menu

Most windows have an icon that represents a mini menu. The mini menu offers commands that correspond with that particular window. Rather than having to search around for different tools, it's a good idea to first check a window's mini menu to see if it has the tool that you are looking for.


Other Window Commands

There are a variety of other commands available; some are specific to certain windows while others are universal. Some of these other commands include:




Accessing Windows

Once you've started moving windows around, changing their sizes or placing one behind the others, you may lose track of a window you need to access. The Windows menu allows you to access any window you are looking for.


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