If you're a Java programmer, Eclipse is the best thing since sliced bread. Eclipse not only takes the rough edges off Java development better than any other product, but also it's a free download!

Even if you develop with just the Java compiler, javac , Eclipse can make life easier for you. In fact, Eclipse's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) makes the development process as close to fun as it can get: the first time that Java programmers fire up Eclipse and start to use it, they often find themselves thinking, This is great!

As with any extensive programming tool, however, Eclipse has a learning curve. In this chapter, we will brush up on fundamental Eclipse skills, from installing Eclipse to creating a simple Java application. Some of these skills are covered for the sake of reference, and you already might be adept at them, while others might be new to you. The goal with this book is to push the Eclipse envelope; to do that, you must have the solid foundation this chapter provides.

Eclipse Cookbook
Inside XML (Inside (New Riders))
ISBN: 596007108
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 232
Authors: Steve Holzner

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