13.5 Other Changes


There are some other changes to various other subprojects in Eclipse 3.0, including CVS and Ant control as well as the PDE and SWT.

Eclipse now ships with the latest version of Ant, which is Version 1.5.4. The Ant launch configuration is all new, letting you work with Ant in a separate Java VM (you can set the options for choosing the Ant JRE on the JRE tab of the Ant launch configuration).

As far as CVS goes, you can now use the Team Show Annotation item to open the CVS Annotation view. If you select a line in the JDT editor, the CVS Annotation view will indicate who released the changewhich means you can track who released a bug.

There have been a couple of improvements to SWT as well. SWT now lets you embed Swing and AWT widgets inside SWT on other platforms besides Windows. As of this writing, however, this only works in Windows with JDK 1.4 and above, and on GTK and Motif with early versions of Sun JDK 1.5.

SWT shells can now have irregular shapes as well. You can define these shapes with combinations of rectangles and polygons. And SWT has a new browser widget that can display HTML documents. As of this writing, however, this widget is only supported in Windows (and uses Internet Explorer 5.0 or above) and Linux GTK (where it uses Mozilla 1.4 GTK2).

There aren't many changes to the PDE in the current milestone build of Eclipse 3.0. Two significant ones are that the PDE now supports JUnit testing for plug-in development, and that there is also a special build configuration editor that lets you edit a plug-in's build.properties file.

Other changes that are being contemplated include improvements to the PDE editors and debuggers , as well as supporting context-sensitive help for plug-ins.

That's it for our look at Eclipse 3.0. There's little question that there will be other changes before the final version is released, so keep your eyes peeled.

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