Chapter 10. Doing It Right: RSS Best Practices

It's morning and you're checking your email, just as you did in Chapter 1. Your in-box is still packed with email and spam, but now you don't worry about it so much, because you use an RSS reader to track your news. In fact, you've started your own RSS feed.

And now you're getting email from the readers of your feed. You're sure this is going to be good. But as you peruse your email, you see an unhappy storymost of your readers can't read your feed!

Uh-oh. Did you validate your feed before publishing it? That's number one in this chapter's list of best practices. To get the most out of publishing your own RSS feeds, you should follow the best practices described in this chapterthese are the most effective ways to create and publish your feeds. This chapter is geared toward making a feed that readers can readand want to read.

Secrets of RSS
Secrets of RSS
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