ucfirst string function, PHP, 485

ucwords string function, PHP, 485

uniAjax framework, 226–229

Universal Portal Scripting button, 211

Update Field tag, Ajax Tag Library, 276

updating Web page parts

using methods, 434–437

using properties, 437–443

using text ranges, 443–446

Upload File button, 549

uploading, using PHP, 544–550

url argument, connect method, 224

URL encoding, 107

URL file, 653

url function, Sack framework, 217

URL parameter, 93, 168, 615

URLString property, Sack framework, 219

user access

logging with filters, 642–653

restricting based on time of day, 654–659

restricting with filters, 631–642

user authentication, server-side, 605–619

user input in PHP

displaying all data in form, 552–556

getting user input in arrays, 560–563

handling HTML sent by user, 586–589

hidden controls to check for previously viewed pages, 567–568

looking at server variables, 556–560

overview, 551

validating numbers, 577–582

validating text, 582–586

validating user input, 568–577

wrapping PHP applications in single page, 563–566

username parameter, 93

userName parameter, Sack framework, 615

username.html document, 160

usernames, 160–163

users, malicious, protection against, 591–600

Utility framework, 209

Utility functions, 173, 174

Ajax Bible
Ajax Bible
ISBN: 0470102632
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 169

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