Acquiring and Installing Struts Console

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Struts Console is free software and can be used both noncommercially and commercially free of charge. However, Struts Console is not open source software like Struts itself. Struts Console can be acquired from my Web site at

Struts Console comes packaged as both a Zip file (.zip) and a Gzipped Tar file (.tar.gz). Select your desired packaging and download the file. Once you have downloaded Struts Console, installing it is straightforward. Because Struts Console is simply packaged in an archive file and not as an executable installation program, all you have to do is unpack the archive file into your desired installation directory. All the files inside the archive file are beneath a version-specific directory (e.g., struts-console-4.4), thus when you unpack them into your desired directory, they will all be beneath the version-specific directory. For example, if you were to download version 4.4 of Struts Console and unpack its archive to c:\java, the Struts Console files would all be located at c:\java\struts-console-4.4. That’s all you have to do to install Struts Console.


Because Struts Console does not use an installer to place any special files into system directories, multiple versions of Struts Console can be installed on the same machine if necessary or desired.

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