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Understand When and How Your Customer Uses Your Product

Products might seem static, but they're not. Well, at least not like you might think. The product may be static, but our relationship to the product isn't. It changes based on how we use it. And how we use a product changes based on lots of factors, including our age, experience with this product or other similar products, or even our location. One of the biggest modifiers of how we use a product is when we use it. By focusing on the when, you'll get better insights into the how.

Consider that the insulated mug that keeps your coffee hot in the morning keeps your juice cold in the afternoon. Chances are pretty good that you use your financial planning software differently when you review your monthly budget versus when you prepare your taxes. You may rely on your favorite email/scheduling program to help you start your day by planning it and to help you end your day by tracking which "to-dos" actually got done.

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