Chapter Summary

  • Every system has some in-licensed technology.

  • Effective technology in-licensing requires a full understanding by both the marketect and the tarchitect of its risks and the rewards. This understanding creates a stronger negotiating position and leads to more advantageous terms.

  • Every technology in-licensing contract comes with terms that directly or indirectly affect both the marketecture and the tarchitecture . The marketect and the tarchitect must read and understand these contracts so that they can properly manage the in-licensed technology and honor all necessary license terms and conditions.

  • It is best to align all of the business models that make up the total solution. Usually this is accomplished through several rounds of negotiation.

  • There are a variety of techniques to manage in-licensed technology. The most fundamental is to insulate your tarchitecture from it. Theoretically, this is easy. Practically, it is usually very hard.

  • You must understand the fee structures and associated costs of the license agreements.

  • Technologies based on open -source licenses are increasingly attractive.

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