Chapter 9. Getting Started with Mozilla Thunderbird


  • How to get to your destination with time to spare

  • Then Zen of Thunderbird

  • Don't think: download and install!

  • Need a lifeline? Help is on the way

Does this sound familiar to you? Traffic is snarled, and cars are lined up bumper to bumper as far as the eye can see. A commuter lane is available for cars that have more than two passengers, but few can use it because most commuters are sitting in cars by themselves.

When these hapless commuters finally reach their office, they fire up their computers and immediately begin sifting through their email. Some of these users may have a choice concerning which email client they can use. If they do, which email client will help them get where they need to go?

Think of Thunderbird as the email client that can move you into that commuter lane, get you operating at a more efficient speed, and deliver you to your destination with time to spare!

Fasten your seat belt, and get ready for a whirlwind tour of the Thunderbird email client. I promise after reading this part of the book that you won't be left sitting in a traffic jam. I also promise you that after using Thunderbird you will likely feel a little like Alice in Wonderland did when she reached the Eighth Square. Enjoy the ride!


In case you are not familiar with what happens to Alice when she reaches the Eighth Square, it is the serene place where she realizes she is wearing the golden crown without knowing exactly how it got on her head.

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