Problems with Video Devices


If your camcorder or deck is not recognized, check your cables, make sure that the camera or deck is powered on, and make sure that your camera is in VTR or VCR mode. If the problem persists, check to make sure that you have set the proper device control settings for your particular device. Sometimes just restarting your computer and cycling your camera or deck's power clears up problems. Starting your camera or deck (after it is properly connected) before you launch FCP can also be of help.

Sometimes your FireWire port needs looking into. More than once I've seen resetting the PMU switch (discussed in the preceding section) bring it back to life.

If you can't control various functions of your camcorder or deck, make sure you've followed the previous instructions, and then try changing device control settings in an experimental manner. If you are using a DV device, try FireWire Basic for control instead of Apple FireWire. If your deck has a local/remote switch, make sure it's set to remote. Some extra scripts provided on your installation disk might be required to be installed with your particular camera or deck. Check the device qualification list at to see if your device needs them.

This list of qualified devices is updated regularly. You should consult it before you decide to buy that new camera or videotape machine for use with Final Cut Pro. If it isn't listed, this doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't work. It probably just means that the good folks at Apple haven't tested it yet. Manufacturers of video equipment change their models rapidly , and it's impossible for Apple to keep up. You can post a question about the proposed device in the forums listed in Appendix E to see if someone has interfaced this particular device without problems. Being informed is better than hassling with a return of gear that doesn't work with your system. That said, most Sony equipment usually works quite reliably with Final Cut Pro. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to make sure that your proposed equipment will definitely work with Final Cut Pro 4.

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