Preparing Your Video for iDVD


The easiest way to send your completed sequences to iDVD is via a QuickTime export. If you will burn your DVD to iDVD on the same computer your project file and media reside on, you can create a QuickTime movie export, which is non-self-contained. Chapter markers are exported to iDVD 3 or later as well if you include them in the QuickTime export dialog box.

You need to create a self-contained movie if you intend to create your DVD on another computer. Figure B.8 shows the correct setup for export to iDVD. You don't want to recompress your movie within FCP for this; rather, iDVD performs the MPEG-2 compression you need to do to ultimately burn your DVD.

Figure B.8. QuickTime movie export settings for a non-self-contained QuickTime movie.


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