As is the case with many books (even small ones), it takes a small village to successfully publish a book. While everyone who worked on the MySQL Phrasebook deserves thanks, particular recognition should be given to Shelley Johnstonthis book would not exist without her determination and persistence. As they say, Shelley is crazy good.

Zak would also like to thank Chris, who saved the day; Jen, who did her best; Trudy, who offered sage advice; Damon, who was patient; Mandy, who was very, very patient; Mark, who was likely exceedingly patient; and the very nice security guard at Torp airport who set up a little space for me to pull an all-nighter trying to hit a chapter deadline.

MySQL Phrasebook. Essential Code and Commands
MySQL Phrasebook
ISBN: 0672328399
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 130

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