About the Authors

Zak Greant is a free software and open source jack-of-all-trades. He works at eZ systems as the managing director of North American operations. Additionally, he is a Mozilla Foundation staff member and volunteers with the Free Software Foundation.

Chris Newman is a consultant programmer specializing in database development with an Internet twist. He has extensive commercial experience with using PHP to integrate various database systems and has produced a wide range of applications for an international client base. He runs Lightwood Consultancy Ltd, the company he founded in 1999 to further his interest in online database development. Newman is the author of SQLite, Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 10 Minutes, and Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 10 Minutes.

MySQL Phrasebook. Essential Code and Commands
MySQL Phrasebook
ISBN: 0672328399
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 130

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