Chapter 27. Building Rich, Data-Driven Web Applications

In This Chapter

  • Introduction to Data Binding in ASP.NET

  • Using Data-Bound Controls

  • Advanced Data-Binding Techniques

Unless you're creating the most basic of applications on the web, your application will need to interact with data. It will need to retrieve data from some location for display to the user or perhaps for being processed by business logic. You will also surely need to be able to send data to a data source. Sending data to a data source takes place when you need to change existing data, create new data, or delete existing data. All of these operations are standard for pretty much any web application that does anything more than simply display static text.

This chapter shows you the basics of how data binding works in ASP 2005 and how you can use the new controls, classes, and functionality to dramatically speed up the development time for data-bound Web Forms, increasing scalability, performance and ease of maintenance in the process.

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