Cross-Platform Web Services Using C and Java

The goal of this book is to provide you with an introduction to Web Services under C# and Java, along with the underlying standards that drive them. This book shows how the different technologies work and collaborate, and then describes security and examines more practical examples.

Structure of the Book

In the first section, the book examines the underlying XML standards and the concepts of remote objects. Many times the XML that works underneath Web Services can be ignored because the software operates at such a high level. But when you run into glitches or you just happen to look at a request and response within a viewer, it’s useful to know what the XML represents and the function it serves.

In the second section, Java and C# technologies that deploy Web Services are examined and several examples are given. This involves not only creating the service but also creating software and Web pages that act as a consumer.

In the third section, the details of deploying Web Services are examined. This includes using tools to make Web Services from C# communicate with Java and visa versa. This section also looks closely at gathering and implementing the security requirements necessary to protect Web Services.

Most of the Web Service examples in the book are quick and to the point, but the third section the book takes a closer look at the deployment and testing of a more complex Web Service. This allows you to examine how the Web Service works with the various consumers and how to pass more complex values.

Cross-Platform Web Services Using C# and Java
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