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You can determine which compiler options were used when the current version of Firefox was built. These options include only nondefault options.

Figure 9.2 shows the buildconfig. Compiler options shown in this figure include

  • -TC This option specifies that the source is C (and not C++) code.

  • -TP This option specifies that the source is C++ (and not C) code.

  • -nologo This forces the compiler to not display a logo. This reduces the amount of screen clutter during compiling and building.

  • -W3 This tells the compiler to display severe warnings, less severe warnings, and all other warnings recommended for production purposes.

  • -Gy This tells the compiler to use function-level linking.

  • -Fd This is used to rename the program database (PDB) file to the name defined in PDBFILE.

Figure 9.2. about:buildconfig lists compiler and build data, including configuration arguments.

Configure arguments configure the final product, not the compiler. For example, --enable-extensions=cookies enables the cookie features.

One of the things the compiler information provides is the degree of optimization. This can be interesting if you are a developer and can build Firefox with maximum optimization.

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