Chapter 7. Themes and Plug-ins

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  • Browsing Mozilla Update

  • Installing a Theme

  • Plugging In Content with a Plug-in

  • Installing Plug-ins

  • Themes and Plug-ins Secrets for Power Users

Both themes and plug-ins are ways to enhance Firefox's capabilities and usability. Themes change the look of Firefox, the way that skins change how some applications look. Plug-ins enhance Firefox's ability to deliver enhanced content to the user. Many of the most popular plug-ins add the capability to use video, audio, or graphics.

We will work with these two ways to extend Firefox in this chapter:

  • Themes Control the look and feel of Firefox and web page defaults

  • Plug-ins Add functionality to web pages

A third way of extending Firefox is using extensions. Extensions extend Firefox's capabilities, adding functionality to do specific tasks, such as blocking advertisements. We cover extensions in depth in Chapter 8, "Making Extensions Work for You."

While working with themes and plug-ins, we'll cover the Mozilla update site and plugindoc ( These websites are where we can get Firefox updates, themes, plug-ins, and extensions.

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